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Ayurvedic Palliative & Curative Treatments

Ayurveda is science of life

Ayurveda’s main objective is to relieve human sufferings & to impart healthful longevity, i.e., prevention and treatment of various aliments & preservation of wellness. This is achieved through appropriate regimes of Ahara (food habits), Vihara (daily routine) & Aushadha (medicines).

In principle, the Ayurveda approach to the treatment of a disease consists of two major procedures:

  • Samsamana chikitsa (Palliative treatment)
  • Sansodhan chikitsa (Bio-purification)
  •  Samsamana chikitsa consists of Ahara, Vihara & Aushadha for subsiding or alleviating the vitiated dosha, thus preventing temporarily or subsiding a disease.
  • Sansodhan chikitsa stands for permanent eradication of disease with the help of cleaning the channels & to rejuvenate them for ensuring a proper transporation of metabolites.

The human body is comprised of innumerable channels both gross & subtle to facilitate the flow of nutrients & excretion of metabolites called as “SROTAS”. These are gross channels starting from hair roots, GIT, blood vessels & lymphatic drainage etc. to minutes ones tones like pores of cell membrane.

Thus, sansodhan measures, utilizing panchakarma therapies as working tools, influence the srotas at all levels through a variety of mechanisms.


Panchakarma is classically formulated sansodhana regimen. It is entirely based upon the fundamental principles of Ayurveda & each of its steps, which constitute certain specific measures are applied after due consideration & type of dosha disturbances, indications & contraindications. Any alternation in the functioning of srotas (passages) or obstruction will lead to maltransporation of metabolites to different parts when required for nutrition or excretion. This disturbance leads to genesis of disease. Instead of cleansing the body alone, as per popular brief, panchakarma works at maintaining the normalcy of the body & its components also.

Panchakarma aims at recouping the harmony of diseased passages & retaining the harmony in normal state.

Panchakarma therapy has its role in every therapeutic situation. In principle, samsodhana is prerequisite for all samona chikitsa. However the major specific areas of application of panchakarma therapies are:

  • Promotive and preventive healthcare
  • As an integral pre-requisite of Rasayana therapy
  • Curative treatment of chronic diseases.

Panchakarma has 3 major steps:

  • Purva Karma – Preparatory measures.
  • Pradhan Karma – Therapeutic measures.
  • Paschat Karma – Post therapeutic measures with special reference to diet.

These all karmas are determined by Ayurveda physician according to type of disturbed dosha and its chronicity.

– Dr. Shuchita Singh

Ayurveda Consultant

Veda5 Wellness